TOOS, a discovery

May be you know Toos van Holstein. Her oil-paintings, watercolours, stone lithographs and bronzes, her unique art, the emotion, the colours, a complete world of her own.

But TOOS you didn’t know till now.

Under the name of TOOS Toos van Holstein investigates the innovating possibilities of combining new and old techniques to express her inner world in other ways.

Since many years Toos van Holstein belongs to the most popular artists * in the Netherlands. Her ‘figurative art’ of which she prefers to speak instead of figural in the literal or obvious sense, is unique. This won’t change, Toos van Holstein will remain Toos van Holstein.

But as TOOS she combines now prints of oil-paintings with pictures of her journeys. With these prints on aluminium, glass, linen, etc. as a start, she creates new, original art works by giving them a new layer of oil-paint. A new type of art is given rise to.
She also uses the digital computer techniques to remodel these prints of her paintings combined with the photographs. In this way the concepts of analogue and digital fuse in the art of TOOS. A unique combination of old and modern, of analogue and digital, of paint and computer.

TOOS can now be discovered at her exhibition in fort Rammekens, the oldest seafort in Western Europe (1547), near the harbour town Vlissingen in the Netherlands. Here she shows for the first time her newest art works, among which also statues in aluminium and plastics.

The oil-paintings by Toos van Holstein are shown on her websites and

* Top 20 in the election of the Dutch Artist of the Year.


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